Feminism For Young Girls

In the world full of bigoted people, it’s easy for young girls to fall into the trap of the stereotypes associated with females, which they continue to follow throughout their lives and suffer. They can be saved from a lot of troubles if they are taught feminism right from their childhood. Here are some of the ways you could use to arm them with feminism :


  1. To become a feminist, the young girls must know what feminism is all about.As they grow up, they might learn the wrong definition of feminism and remain ignorant. Thus its important that they have a clear knowledge on feminism.
  2. Now that they know about feminism, the second step would be to become bold. The young girls can start sharpening their feminist skills by speaking up, be it answering in class or against bullies. We need to teach them to be opinionated, to ask questions.
  3. We can broaden their horizon on feminism by introducing them to strong women characters through books and cartoons and leaving out the ones that portrays women as weaker sex.
  4. We should let them choose the types of toys they are comfortable to play with. We should never force our opinions on them.
  5. Instead of fitting in, we can help them to be a fearless feminists by letting them be themselves. By making them comfortable in their own skin, we can help them to be strong who don’t need others’ approval to survive. Confidence is a must-have.

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