Good Girl Syndrome

I never understood why people are so crazy about the Bengali TV serials, especially the ones that come on Star Jalsha. I have tried to watch a few myself and never found out the secret recipe that compelled people not to miss a single episode to the extent where a woman killed her husband for not letting her watch it or my parents never letting me even touch the remote when their favourite serials are shown (which is almost all of the soaps that are shown on that channel).

The tradition they talk about, the values they teach are the ones where the reason a woman exist is to get married, to serve her husband and child, where a bold woman taking charge of the situation is usually the vamp. These serials are perpetuating the social stereotypes. When feminists are trying hard to improve the condition of women in media and in real life, these serials are doing nothing but feeding the old bullshit double-standards known as “Tradition”.

TV serials have become an intrinsic part of the common people. It is okay to show the stereotypes as long as they are portrayed as something to get rid of and not glorified as they are now.


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