When A Friend Departs…

It has not been long since I knew Martin. We met in a group of English language on Facebook. With his charming personality, it did not take long for me to become friends. We talked for hours and argues over different topics until one of us gave up. But our friendship was never affected by it.

I could not contact him for a long time. Today I suddenly missed him. I dropped by to his page to say “hi” only to get the bad news of his sudden death. I contacted a mutual friend to  ask about it. She could not give proper details but she let me know that he suddenly had chest pain and passed away on the way to hospital.

People often take friendships for granted. It takes a very special heart to give friendship a real meaning. Martin was one of those kind people who could make anyone happy with his refreshing personality. We never met. Thanks to modern technology that I had the opportunity to know such a great soul, even if for a short time.

It is a terrible loss for all of us who cherished him. He and his family will be in our thoughts.


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