Shifting To Another University

When you join a university for the first time, it is not easy to cope. You are tensed and excited, you meet new people who have recently joined like you. You look around the place and think, “This is the place I will have to stay for four years.” You are shy on the first day. But eventually you make friends and acquaintances. It does not take much to settle down.

But transferring to another university is tough. When you transfer your credits to another university, firstly, you are annoyed to know that you might have to repeat some subjects again because the new university did not allow any waiver on those subjects, even when you had good scores in them. Then, you realize you do not fall under any particular batch completely. Semester wise, it is your first; Subject wise, you have completed almost 2 semesters. Also the class rooms are usually filled with senior students who are either retaking the subject or taking it for the first time. Either way, it is hard to make friends. Who can you actually call your friend anyway? Nobody matches with your quality.

So you decide to make some acquaintances first. You suddenly feel pressured. You know very well how people tend to become judgmental when you have recently transferred from another place. So on the first day, you bite your tongue most of the time. You talk only when you need to.

But slowly, with  casual small talks now and then, you make some acquaintances. Can you call them your friends  yet? You are not sure. But you know it is going to be alright. Besides, you have always been a loner. You know you will be able to manage yourself without group of friends. You have confidence in yourself.


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