New University – Part 1

When I shifted to the new university, I was totally excited. Quality of education is far better here than that in my previous university. But I was more excited about the vast number of opportunities I was about to get here. I was excited about meeting new people who are already working in the field I am interested in, i.e., robotics.

I knew things were about to get tough here. But it was tougher than I expected. One thing that is strictly maintained is following rules. Nothing is more important than the university’s policies here. Nobody is spared from doing as they are told….not even teachers. My previous university was not this strict, so it took me time to get used to this fact. I don’t have any problem in following certain rules as I know they are made for a reason. It’s just sometimes they are just too much to bear.

But that’s okay. Another aspect here is that there are more students here than there was in my previous university and majority of them prefer to stay in groups…groups they formed before they joined this university or when they first came here. There is no problem with groups, I can understand that people want to spend time  with like-minded people more. What is problematic is that once you belong to a certain group, you are not allowed to mingle with others as much. Also if you are new and want to join particular group, you most probably will be rejected because they don’t want any new member in their group.

I have always been a loner. I love to ponder on different things without getting disturbed. Also, I don’t want to feel obliged to any group or people. I would like to talk and make friends with anyone I find worth being with, regardless their company.


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