Chauvinism at the campus

A female student, wearing a casual salwar kameez, was sleeping in the prayer room at our campus in the afternoon today. The room is small and is built with thick glass in such a way that you can only be seen from the outside if you are very near to the glass. While she was asleep, her kameez was displaced only a little near waist and could be seen from the outside of the room.

None of us noticed it until a male teacher comes out of nowhere and started making a scene out of it. He started pointing that out and literally shouting. He was saying to the nearby female students how that student should be told how “inappropriate” the view was and “one should even click a pic of it and then show it to her” .

He didn’t stop just there. She was eventually awakened by the female clerk and he kept humiliating her, saying how “everything could be seen from outside”. Eventually people started to gather around and see her being humiliated.

Sleeping in the prayer room is not allowed. So he started with scolding her about that. But if you heard his statements carefully, he was insulting her more about her dress than sleeping there.

Would he have reacted the same way if there was a boy sleeping inside the prayer room with his shirt displaced?

Was the fact that a male teacher making such comments and questions to a female student APPROPRIATE ?

Was the teacher reminding the student about rules or was simply harassing her?


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